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To followers of public education in New Jersey, the past 30 years have provided one clear lesson: money alone will not improve the educational landscape in our state. Instead, several key ingredients must combine, including: a bold vision, strong leadership, political will, and community involvement and engagement. Fortunately, we’re seeing these integral components come together in cities across New Jersey.

Teach For America has been partnering with New Jersey schools for more than 20 years. Today, corps members teach in three New Jersey communities: Newark and Passaic in North Jersey, and Camden in South Jersey. Over 1,300 alumni live in the state, including more than 300 classroom teachers, 55 principals, and two superintendents. We have reason to be optimistic. Twenty years from now our kids will tell a story. Let’s work together to ensure it is one of options, access, and an excellent education.


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“If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together”

-African Proverb

A headshot of a young African American woman with long braids, wearing a blue blouse and dark blazer, standing by a window.
Teach For America – New Jersey believes that the mantra “it takes a village” has to be something that is truly lived. We are working collaboratively with many organizations, community leaders and residents across Newark, Camden and Passaic to improve the lives of our students. Every teacher that we bring into our Corps is charged with living this mantra. - Tia Morris, Executive Director, Teach For America New Jersey

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