Our Team

Executive Director & Regional Operations


The Executive Director is responsible for maximizing the organization’s impact in the region by working to establish Teach For America’s presence in the community, ensuring effectiveness of corps members, building a broad and sustainable base of financial support, and raising community awareness. The Regional Operations team manages the operations, logistics, and communication details for the Teach for America regional office.   

New York 1998
Executive Director, New Jersey
New Jersey 2011
Manager, Operations

Corps Leadership Development Team


The CLD team manages and develops corps members from the moment they are accepted to the corps so that they are equipped to put students on a transformational life path. They facilitate trainings and coach and support corps members in developing the necessary skills and insights to become a successful teacher. The CLD team is also responsible for building partnerships with our school partners and alternate route certification programs.

Bay Area 1998
Director, District and School Partnerships
Greater Delta: Mississippi & Arkansas 2007
Director, Teacher Leadership Development
Greater Delta: Mississippi & Arkansas 2007
Manager, Corps Leadership Development
New Jersey 2012
Manager, Teacher Leadership Development
Hawai‘i 2009
Manager, Teacher Leadership
New Jersey 2003
Managing Director, Teacher Leadership Development
Baltimore 2012
Manager, Teacher Leadership Development
New Jersey 2008
Director, Teaching and Learning
New York 2009
Manager, Teacher Leadership Development

Development Team


The Development team is charged with raising financial support to enable our ongoing operations and building partnerships with external stakeholders. Additionally, this team crafts and executes
New Jersey’s strategic communications plan.                                                                   

Baltimore 2008
Managing Director, Development
Memphis 2014
Associate, Development
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relationships

Alumni & Community Partnerships Team


The Alumni and Community Partnerships team fosters the development of our 1300+ alumni network in New Jersey as a force for social change. They provide alumni with pathways to leadership, forums to advance their thinking on education issues, and ways to connect and support each other.

Managing Director, Alumni & Community Partnerships
Greater Delta: Mississippi & Arkansas 2007
Director, Alumni & Community Partnerships

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